Terms and Conditions


These terms and conditions are an agreement between you as the user and MovieStarPlanet. By accepting the terms and conditions you are also agreeing to follow all rules of the MovieStarPlanet website, which above all means being nice and respectful to other users.

Rights to MovieStarPlanet's material

You may not use any of MovieStarPlanet's material, such as MovieStars, MovieStar clothes and stuff, logos, icons, backgrounds, background music etc. for commercial purposes outside of the MovieStarPlanet website. This means that you may not copy, distribute, sell, publish, send or otherwise recirculate MovieStarPlanet Material to a third party without the written consent of MovieStarPlanet. You may not change, revise or replace any of the Material found on the website, either in its entirety or parts thereof.

User-generated movies and other material

You own the rights to the movies and other material which you have created yourself in MovieStarPlanet. However in this agreement you give MovieStarPlanet the right, without special compensation, to publish the movies and material for an unlimited time throughout the world on the Internet, on TV or any other medium. Thus you give MovieStarPlanet the right to use, copy, present, reproduce, display, edit, integrate, license as well as distribute the movies and material which you have created, for both commercial and noncommercial use.

Suspension and cancellation of membership

MovieStarPlanet has the right to cancel your membership and close your account if you violate this agreement or the rules on MovieStarPlanet's website or if you have not used your account for four months.

Rules of MovieStarPlanet